Green moss consumes me //

Sunglasses: Hayley Elsaesser
Jewelry: Gemma Box
Jumpsuit: Fame and Partners
Bag: La Contrie
Lipstick: Here

I went on today on my parents farm and shot these fun shots with my tri pod and my phone as a clicker. Sometimes you just have to work for yourself and no one else. I started this blog a little under 4 years ago and I always would shoot myself, I never had any help. I love this entire look! My jewelry is by GemmaBox a new Jewelry box subscription company. They make the most amazing jewelry, very high end amazing quality. I will be posting more about them via my IG stories so stay tuned! My sheer wide leg polka dot jumpsuit is by Fame and Partners. They seriously make the most amazing clothes. My incredible sunglasses are by the amazing Hayley Elsaesser!! I shot these in the studio with Mike Paradise the other day, more to come!! My adorable brown bag with pink stitches is by La Contrie, I will seriously wear the hell out of this bag. Check them out they make some incredible unique bags!