Short hair / red beret /

Backpack: Brit Stitch
Watch: Watches2U
Everything else: Here

Images by @Rev_Alex

Yesterday I went to downtown LA Arts district to shoot this adorable look with my two friends Alex and Brian. I just got these boots and backpack and watch and I am beyond in love. The watch is by Orla Kiely and it's sold on Watches 2U, they sell the best watches ever. My vintage red backpack is by Brit Stitch, I plan on traveling with this baby. My floral amazing boots are by Public Decire, one of my favorite shoe companies of all time. If you ever wonder where I get my boots just check out their site! I also just cut my hair super short like a 1920s boy. I hated this cut at first and still feel a bit weird about it but everyone seems to love it, therefore I will love it too! 
 I will tag everything directly to my image on FashionTap. 
I just landed a new job for Betty and Veronica! Check them out and follow us on IG @bettyandveronica. 

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