BFF //

Shoes: e8 by Miista
Denim Jacket: Betty and Veronica
White Jacket: Betty and Veronica
Sunglasses: FT

While I was in Palm Springs with my best friend Tammy, the Saguaro hotel let us borrow their bikes for 2 hours. We rode all the way down to the ACE hotel and got some amazing iced coffees at Koffi, which is right across the street.  We took some really cute Photo Booth pictures together at the Ace, posted above. I am wearing my new tank top by Betty and Veronica and my adorable patches denim jacket too. My black sandals are from E8 by Miista, I love these so much. This is probably my most normal looking look ever, haha! I love this look on me though, it's pretty cute, denim on denim. 
I will tag more of my outfit to my images on FashionTap for you all.