Baby blues and pinks //

Makeup: Vapour Beauty
Shoes: Ouigal
Jumpsuit: Wild Pony
Belt: Wild Pony
Bag:  Prada
Watch: Here

All the makeup I used here is by Vapour Beauty,  I was on the hunt for a good organic makeup brand and this is it! I will tag all the exact makeup I used to my image on FashionTap for you guys! My adorable pink jumpsuit and belt is by Wild Pony. My blue suede sandal heels are by Ouigal, one of my favorite shoe brands by far. I love anything baby blue so when I saw these I knew I had to have them.  I have been feeling so inspired lately and want to just create incredible content. I want to create content that can make all of you laugh and smile, either at me or with me. I have been meeting a bunch of colorful bloggers lately and they are truly inspiring me. I think I will begin to change my blog and social to be way more colorful and include more art.