Shoe switch //

Heels: Butrich
Shoes: 5ymedio

Photos by Tim Gould

Took me a while to find this beautiful Mural but I finally did. This is probably my favorite mural I have ever seen. The colors are my exact favorite color combo. My heels are by Jessica Butrich and my sandals are by 5ymedio. I had to do a shoe swap during this shoot because I had to climb the wall and I really don't think I could've climbed it in those heels.  My water is by LifeWtr, each label is designed by an artist. I absolutely love this one. I will tag my bag, shoes, and sunnies to my image on FashionTap for you guys. If you ever have any questions about my outfit always check my FashionTap! This is blog number 999!!!! ALMOST AT 1000 blog posts!