The most famous artist //

I will air tonight on Fox News 11!! Check it out! 

1st Look: 
Leopard Coat: Gorman
Sunglasses: Poppy Lissiman
Shoes: Gucci 

2nd Look:
Jeans: Dont Cry
Boots: Mimmi Bags

Today I had the pleasure to visit the 3 pink houses painted by The Most Famous Artist! I am so thankful for these beautiful homes. I feel like one day I will live in a pink house. I really feel grateful for what he has done. When I was there I had the pleasure of getting interviewed by Fox News 11! This should air tonight, let me know if you see it. When I was there I had to take advantage of how cool it was so I changed twice. I really love the first look that I showed up in. Those flower earrings by Little Arrow Studio are to die for. I don't usually wear earrings that often but when I do I will wear these. My orange sunnies are by Poppy Lissiman, I could wear all of their eyewear everyday. The orange really went well with the pink. My second look is pretty funky, disco style funky. My sequin pants are by Don't Cry in Italy, you can change the color on them by rubbing them. I will post a video on my IG stories for you guys. My INCREDIBLE boots are by Mimmi Bags, the second I saw these I had to have them. I love the colors and the details of them. I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed shooting them!