Shoes: Keds
Eyeglasses:kaleos eyehunters
Sunglasses:Poppy Lissiman
The Rest: FashionTap
Red Jeans: Swedish Hasbeens

Last Wednesday I took a short trip to Atlanta to shoot my friend Sara in the new Betty and Veronica collection. I was so excited to see her and my other friend Ben and Meagan. I love the art in this city, it's incredible. I found out about Tiny Doors from my friend over at @yoursocialteam. @TinydoorsATL is the most amazing art installation I've seen in a long time. I was obsessed immediately. I got to see 3 tiny doors. The 3rd one I didn't post because some jerk came by and sprayed over it.  I hope this doesn't keep happening. Greg Mike @gregmike is another incredible street artist in Atl, I went around and shot in front of some of his pieces as well. I love these images and I really fell in love with Atlanta. You guys need to go see this place and see this art!