Betty and Veronica eyewear// Designed me ME!

WOW I cannot believe today I finally launched these beauties for Betty and Veronica. It has been my biggest dream to be able to design eyewear and I cannot believe it has happened. I asked my boss in NY if I can do it and he said yup 100%. I began designing the glasses that second in my notebook. I studied the comics and what I thought the girls would wear and based on what they did wear. I wanted to design very retro style glasses with a modern twist. Some may say the eyewear reminds them of My little pony because of all the glitter. HA! I picked these 4 shapes because they are my favorite shapes. I have seen heart glasses and no one has hit the mark on them. Most heart shapes are big and cheesy. I want to design a Lolita type pair that is thicker and smaller, very retro. I love how some people are planning on turning these into eyeglasses already! When I designed this collection I thought of eyewear as well. I wanted the glasses to be able to go both ways. I think the Sabrina will be an incredible optical option. I am so excited. These are all handmade and 100% acetate! 
I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!