Hawaii Baby

Sunnies: Serge Kirchhofer

 Dress: Mister Zimi

Eyewear:  Serge Kirchhofer

2 piece set : Loco Lindo

2 piece: ks garner


Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to Maui Hawaii with my beautiful amazing fiancĂ© Ben, thanks to Alaska Airlines. We celebrated our Engagement-moon finally! Around the time when we got engaged it was a super rough time with work and family. We were so thankful for this trip and to be able to celebrate this in such a beautiful location. I had never been to Hawaii before. I cannot believe its only a 4.5 hour flight! I want to go back again ASAP. We rented a car and did the road to Hana on the last day we were there. We drove for about an hour and then turned around. I was able to finally get a raw coconut chopped up for me to drink on the trip.  We also rented snorkels and went out about a half a mile into the ocean and swam with 2 sea turtles. Thankfully we had rented an underwater camera to capture some of these incredible images you see above.  The entire trip was incredible. It was a fast weekend trip but it felt just right. Thank you again to Alaska Airlines for making our dreams come true! 
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