My Wes-tern Anderson wedding

My Wes-tern Anderson style wedding

First of all how lucky am I that I got to marry Ben Bayouth?! He is such a beautiful soul and an incredible partner. I couldn't have asked for a better person to marry. It's wild how similar our vows were and we did not plan that. The entire wedding was everything I have ever dreamed of. Nothing went wrong, it was so magical and so colorful. We got married in PioneerTown Joshua Tree, at the Soundstage. We actually went to PioneerTown thinking we would be getting married at the hotel there. We waked over to the Soundstage as a joke but when we found out the price our jaws dropped and we booked it ASAP.  Everything you see at our wedding was custom. We had our best friend Ben Page create the pink house facade we got married in front of. We designed it and Ben made it for us.  Even our pink and green table cloths were handmade for us. I designed our Photo Booth as well. I found that pink couch for $50 on craigslist and the backdrop is fabric from downtown for $7 a yard. I wanted a super Wes Anderson style photo booth. I also designed my entire outfit from head to toe. I designed my dress from scratch and Rochelle Carino made it for me. I had dreamed of this dress since I was a young girl. I also designed my crystal head piece and both pairs of my shoes. I wore my boots during our photos before the wedding and during the wedding I wore my other shoes with the bows. My veil was made by Ben's sister Chelsea Bayouth, she also added the adorable flowers to my dress. My earrings are by Kingston Jewelry, they were made to match my dress. I also designed all of my bridesmaids outfits and they even painted their white shoes pink and green! 
I also got our faces printed on edible paper and added them to cookies. We didn't have a cake so we decided cookies would be best. Ben made a HUGE fake cake out of foam and we placed the cookies around it.  We had cactuses on every table and disposable cameras and Kodak Printomatics. This was so everyone could take pictures all throughout the night. People would also take pictures with the Kodak Printomatic and stick them inside our guest book and sign. We also had a picture of us blown up and matte around the sides where everyone can sign.  I cannot believe how fast we planned this wedding. It really all came together so perfectly. 

Thank you to my bridesmaids, my mom, Ben's mom and sister for helping me so much. I couldn't have done this wedding without them. I want to especially thank Leyla for helping me with every single detail of this wedding. Thank you Calli @Theslyestfox for helping decorate me and Bens sweetheart table. Calli and her boyfriend hung up all the colorful streamers behind our table. They even stayed late to do this and I really appreciate them. They made our area look so gorgeous, it really was magical and colorful. 


Thank you to :
Wine was by Winc Wines: I absolutely loved the wine. 
Coffee: High Brew Cold Brew : The BEST! 
Kodak: Printomatic 
Bouquets by Chelsea Bayouth @chelseabayouth

Pictures by Dewey Tann @deweythedewster 
Alicia Marie Brower @scenicroutephotography

Winc, High Brew, and Kodak pics by Leyla @Plantiful_recipes

I hope you all loved my wedding as much as I did.