Big costume? No problem

There’s nothing better than a DIY rainbow robot aka RAINBOT Halloween costume, am I right? The other day I threw a fun Halloween bash with my closest friends at a restaurant down the street. This year was different than last year because I decided to make a Halloween costume bigger than normal, as you can see. I made my Rain-bot costume with my husband Ben in our garage. I knew the body of it would be too big to fit in a regular @Uber car so we ordered an uberXL. Our Uber driver-partner was courteous and helped me fit my robot costume in his trunk. We danced and laughed the night away. I love this restaurant because they really go all out on the Halloween decor.  We had such a fun time and I love how all of my friends handmade their costumes too.

DIY Rain-bot costume: How I created it:

First I measured out the foam core and drew lines with the ruler where I would be cutting to make the perfect box.

After I cut the lines to make the perfect box I folded those cuts over.

After doing this I realized the white side of the foam core would be smoother to spray silver so I had to completely cut the box up and re tapped it with the white side facing out. You learn as you go with these type of things. HAHA

I made sure the silver tape laid flat on each corner.

After I taped the box all up I traced buckets for perfect circles on the sides and on the very top. I then used an exacto knife to cut the holes.

Here it is with the cut out for the head!

And the arms!

Next, I sprayed the entire box silver, and sprayed my taupe boots to match.
We let it dry for an hour and then we went back down and sprayed the different knobs various pastel colors. After letting them dry for a while we glued them on right before leaving to the party.

And Ta-Da! Here it is! Rain-Bot 5000!

I paired this outfit with my favorite rainbow wig and rainbow tutu along with my big earrings and disco ball headband. I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY costume! Make sure to take an uberXL when you roll up to the party with your friends! And thank me later!

Oh and one more tip: I recommend using the Pickup Messages feature and messaging your driver something like "I'm the girl in the robot costume"  

@uber #ad   This post was sponsored by Uber.