The Fun Box = Fun Times


Tammy had no idea what the FunBox was, it was a Birthday surprise for her! She had the best time ever!

Earrings: Mind Flowers
Shoes: Ouigal
Jacket: Here
Sunglasses: Jacques Marie Mage

The other day I had the pleasure of visiting The FunBox in the Thousand Oaks mall with my best friend Tammy. It was Tammy's Birthday so we had a blast celebrating here. The FunBox team was incredible. They showed us each and every room and even took some of the pictures above for us. Bailey and the girls were so much fun. We all had so much energy in us and I just kept dancing in every room. I had the best time here, as you can tell by my images. I would go back again if I could! They close Jan 3rd so hurry up and go! Get tickets now. And no I was not paid to advertise this. I just really wanted to go and shoot some fun videos and pics! WORTH IT.