Museum of Ice Cream SF 
Pics by Shavi Blake 

Suit: Sister Jane
Sunglasses: by me @amroidesigns for Betty and Veronica
Earrings: Jennifer Loiselle
Top: Fashion Brand Company
Bag: Mlouye

I finally made it to Museum of Ice Cream SF, the newly remodeled version. I had gone to the other version so I was excited to see the new rooms and new vibes. I loved it. I especially love the Wes Anderson style theater area. I love the ticket booth and the seats the most. I wish I could've taken more pictures. It was a bit crowded so it was very hard to get any photos without people being in them. It was also hard to get fun dance videos.. Sorry guys. I know my TikTok fans love my dance vids. Next time. Maybe I can go back sometime when less people will be there? Or I can go right when they are closing and stay behind so I can have more time to shoot video and photos. They are opening an actual bar there soon and I am so bummed I didn't get to see it. It was the main reason I wanted to go and found out it wasn't opened yet. Bummer. Hopefully when they open it I can get in there and take some killer pics for you all.