Earrings: Renee Damiani
Dress: Capulet
Jackets: Here
Glasses: Gucci
Shoes: Salar
Necklace: Virgins Saints & Angels

Museum: WonderWorld  Los Angeles USE CODE WWNERD for 15% off your tickets

Photos by David @lostentorres 

      Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting this new museum in Los Angeles called WonderWorld with my friend David. We had such a blast taking photos in each of their fun pastel rooms. My favorite room was the balloon room! I felt like it matched my aesthetics perfectly. Doesn't it seem like this museum was made for me? I also have to say I met the owner and the people who run it and I loved every single one of them. Really nice people. I was super grateful they let me visit and take some really fun shots. Also my outfit is one of my newest favorite outfits yet. How killer are these heels by Salar!?! My dream shoes. My dress is by Capulet, my new favorite brand. I love the style and fit of all of their clothes. I am posting another blog this week with more of their clothing. In other news I am moving soon!! I will be building an entire out door studio and I will start a youtube channel, FINALLY. You all have been asking for this so I have decided to deliver!