Pretty in Pink

Pics by Rev Alex

Dress: Zayan the Label 
Shoes: Jessica Butrich x Child Universe
Rings: Voodoo 
Earrings: Woll
Bag: Studio 33

Last week I finally had the chance to visit the Redlands. This town is absolutely adorable. I cannot believe all the older victorian mansions everywhere. It was such a bright day, we were bummed how harsh the light was. However, we got to eat vegan crepes and drink the best decaf coffee ever. We found out about this location from Tom of Tomwindeknecht on IG. He lives there and posted this Amphitheater a few weeks ago and I flipped out and had to shoot there. I brought with me my new favorite dress ever by Zayan The Label. I paired this incredible dress up with my Jessica Butrich x Child Universe two-toned heels and my new bag by Studio 33.  This brand really understands my style perfectly. They sent me a few bags and I was scared at first because I wasn't sure they would be my style. But as you can see it's my exact style. The color and the shape and the fringe kill me. My earrings are by Woll and my rings are by Voodoo. 
I hope you love this set. Next time I go here it will be a cloudy day and I can shoot all day and do more videos!!