Reds and Whites

Images by Meerkatconstellations Jen Francine 

Dress and shoes: Child of the Universe x Jessica Butrich
Rings: Voodoo Jewels
Glasses: Henau
Lipstick: Red

I love this entire set of images taken by Jen Francine for the Child of Universe x Jessica Butrich collaboration. These were taken right by my house. One of my favorite places to shoot actually. When I saw this dress I knew it would be the perfect place to shoot it. I love the print and the style of this dress, I feel like such a classic lady in it. I styled it with my pink hat and my jewelry by Voodoo Jewels and my favorite eyeglasses by Henau. These glasses were designed back in the 60s, they re did them and I had to have them immediately. My red lipstick is tagged above and it's my favorite color stay lipstick in the world. I cannot believe I found it and I pray to the lord above they never discontinue it or change the formula. Even my best friend is wearing it on her wedding day!