Pink and Green

Dress: Mary Benson London
Hat: Muchique

Photos by Sara and Patrix15

I am about 4 months pregnant here. I wish I could've stayed longer in SF and shot more. This day last week was SO BRIGHT. I mean by 7 am it was harsh light. It was a hard day to shoot anything. We tried. I will be posting more blogs with more outfits and houses soon. Next time I go up I will do a super cute retro shoot with the baby. I hope I can announce her name soon to you all as well. I love this dress by Mary Benson, it's gorgeous. I styled it with my cute pink heels and pink hat by Muchique. This hat company makes the best hats and they're all so perfect to travel with. They're softer which makes it easier if they bend, they won't get ruined. I just LOVE THEM. 
Feeling great!