A day in the life of a pumpkin

 Yesterday I went to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark with Tammy. I love this place and I cannot wait to go back here when Bird is 9 months. Around this time next year she will be 9 months old! Wild. She will love the baby goats as much as we did. Tammy also got to bottle feed the lambs and baby goats, so cute! There was one that I am holding and it is only 6 days old. We did the corn maze as well, which is so cute and kids love it.   I did a video on different outfits to wear and the polka dot one WON, haha. Everyone loved it. It was very hot though so I had to change into this other dress .

1st look: Revolve Clothing
Eyewear: Bonlook x KeikoLynn

2nd look: Anna Sui for Target

Filters by Teresa Freitas x Color Story 

Photos by Tammy Cummings with my new Nikon D 850