Let the rainbows in

Dress: DollsKill
Shoes: DollsKill
Earrings: Fruta 
Hat: Bagtazo
Glasses: By Keiko Lynn for Bon Look

Styled by @jj.in.la and photos by JJ with NikonD850

How wild is this dress? JJ found it and said I had to get it to shoot ASAP. So I ordered it from DollsKill that second. We got the chance to shoot it today and I just love it. You can also wear this as a skirt! I should have styled it as a skirt as well. I styled this dress with my DollsKill multi color platforms and my earrings by Fruta. My amazing hat is once again by Bagtazo. I love it. I love posting blogs on here. I feel like IG makes it so we cannot share content as much as we want because our content will be punished and not be seen. So I will continue posting here and this will be my main outlet. One day my daughter Ryder can see all of these images and know she was in my tummy. I am now 26 weeks pregnant here. This was such a perfect pregnancy dress.