32 weeks pregnant!


Images by Jason Travis @jtrav

We shot these yesterday December 9th 2019. I am 32 weeks pregnant here. I want to start posting stuff the day I shoot or the very next day. I hate sitting on content for so long. It drives me insane. I have over 70 saved images to post to IG and I am going wild. I want to post 5 times a day to try and catch up. HAHA. I love these so much. Jason is brilliant. He also shot polaroids as we did our shoot, I love those so much. So fun. I am feeling fine but I am feeling more tired lately. I am bigger now so it's harder to sleep for sure. My lower back hurts and my hips and thighs ache. Acid reflux sucks but it's not as bad as it was in the first trimester. Ryder is pretty active, especially at night. She has 1 big burst of energy every night where she kicks and punches me like a crazy person for less than 1 minute. HAHA. I love her already so much. I needed her in my life. 

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