Nothing but a bump

Photos by Jen Francine @meerkatconstellations

37 weeks pregnant  

Coat from Dolls Kill
Hat from Spain
Boots from Zara
Cat: DavosGucci 

I love this entire set of images so much. This is probably my favorite maternity shoot so far. We used the backdrops from my wedding Photo Booth. We laid down one of the sides for me to step on. I love these so much. They're very Vogue/ Harpers Bazaar. I wish I could get these images published some how. If you know of any mother magazines or any killer bad ass women magazines who would publish these please email me I would love to send high res images over to get published. Even on Instagram or a blog would be great.  We looked everywhere for fun interesting maternity shots and we couldn't really find any. It's a huge hole. Maybe I should start a blog with fun maternity shoots, etc. What do you think?