The Details

Eyewear: Carla Di Si
Dress: Manoush
Belt: Butrich
Bag: Salar
Earrings: Our Mind Flowers 

The world is a crazy place now. I will miss going out and shooting in fun locations. I was lucky enough to get out and do some shoots a few weeks ago. Yes this is after baby, after baby body haha. I used to be 110lbs before baby, now I am 145 lbs. This is weird for me but I am getting used to my new body. I have to eat a lot so my body can make milk for Ryder. It's very important for me to stay healthy for this little girl. I started a 6 week workout program online to become stronger and have a stronger core, this program is with OurFitFamilyLife Julie. I love it. The courses are all about breathing and strengthening our core. 
This is my favorite dress ever made by Manoush. I could seriously live in this every single day. I love it. I love the color, I love the design, it's amazing. My eyewear is by Carla Di Si , I love these so much. My bag is from Real Real and it's my Salar. Yes it has Patrick on it haha. 

Stay safe and stay home