Long hair, do care!

Choker: Daniel Idle
Boots: Zara
Glasses: Poppy Lissiman

My hair is getting SO LONG! AHHHHHHH. I need to cut it short again and maybe dye it blonde. I need a fun change, I dunno. I feel like we are all kinda losing it lately. How can we not. We all want a change, we all feel cooped up. I just wish all of this would go away and we can live normally again and not in fear. Today I was dreaming about going to Los Almos but I realized when I actually do end up going I will have to wear a mask 24/7 and I will have to sanitize everything. This entire thing makes me feel so paranoid and makes me feel so dirty all the time. Every time I leave the house for some reason, groceries or doctors appointments for Ryder, I feel the need to wash my clothes and shower and sanitize. I hate this feeling. How are you all holding up? I am glad I have my daughter to distract me. 
My outfit is by Hemant and Nandita and it's my favorite. Did you see my TikTok in this look?