A Family Affair

Images by Dewey Tann

1st dress: Reformation 
Shoes: Yuule 

Matching Swimsuits: Plivati Swim

Ryder is 6 months old now! She's a dream come true and my best friend. I am slowly realizing she is all that matters. My friends have become very depressing and quit dramatic lately during this awful time. I need fun positive vibes in my life. I am focusing on my family now. I am over the drama. It's unreal how my friends are acting and maybe they're just miserable and taking it out on me, I dunno. I will stay positive and happy. It is all that matters at this point and all we can do really. 

How cute are these pics!!! I have been dying to do a fun family photo shoot and thank god Dewey was down. He kept his distance and wore a mask of course! I am really into shooting outside my house lately as you can see. hahha

Stay safe
Stay Happy
Stay Positive
It is all we can do!
Tiktok is byebye tomorrow am. Finally I was growing and at 19k fans and 200k likes.. I was on my way on there. oh well. moving ahead.