A little pink heart


Bag: Parddo 
Shoes: Charlotte Stone
Earrings: Doodad and Fandango 

Photos by Jen Vogan

It feels nice to get up at 7 am and do a quick shoot nearby when no one is around. I have been missing shooting so badly. I am so excited to create new content here and there for you all. My dog died last week and it's been a true nightmare for me. I cry every single day and not just a small cry, a very hard cry. It hurts. I had her for 15 years. I feel a huge hole in my heart. I will never ever connect with another animal like I connected with her ever again.... I feel lost.. I hate 2020. Sorry... Maybe we can get another dog soon? I dunno.. My hands are full with Ryder. I am focused 100% on her now which is nice.