Baby I'm BACK


Dress and Jacket: Farmrio
Boots: Bared Footwear

Pics by Sharon S Zhang

House : The Dazey Desert house Palm Springs

It was nice to finally take a small trip with my friend Sharon and cousin Jen and of course Ryder. We all got tested before we went and we drove separate. We were all very careful. 
I hope you love and adore my new jacket and dress by Farmrio. I have been dying to shoot some of their pieces forever now so it was a dream for me. I love this brand and I feel like it really embodies who I am. 
OH and yes I am back brunette. I feel more like me now. Everyone loves me with this color and cut. I won't be changing my hair for a long long long time. It was fun while it lasted for the summer but it was expensive and time consuming.