Tea does the body good

Dress: Kling
Bag: Pop and Suki 
Sunnies: Chiara Ferragni
Boots: MCLC
Necklace: MLE

We just shot these this past weekend. I feel like myself again, finally. I breastfeed Ryder for a year and then after the year was up I started to diet. I gained 65lbs during pregnancy. When I would walk in my closet I would feel so down because nothing fit me. Brands would send me stuff and nothing fit. I did not feel like myself. 1 month after breastfeeding I started to be able to actually diet and not eat as much.  You can't lose weight while breastfeeding because you need to be eating a lot to get milk going, grains, burritos, etc. I lost 10 lbs in 30 days dieting. My 7 day tea diet I just did was kick ass. I will make a video soon about it. It seriously helped me lose the rest of the weight. Before baby I was 110lbs so I was pretty tiny, size 2/XS. My entire life and even during pregnancy people told me I would never be the same, I would never be as small again. This pissed me off and it's such a weird stigma with having kids. It's not true. My one friend lost all her weight 2 months after baby was born. I was not worried about weight during the first year with Ryder. It was a pandemic and I was home and I was enjoying my baby and my body and my life. Yes I was getting depressed none of my clothes fit. Patience is key. I stopped breastfeeding at the end of December. Anyways, I feel great lately. Everything fits me again and I feel very healthy and I only eat very healthy foods. I will continue to do so. 

Those boots are on sale and I linked them above.