Shades of Baby Blue


Outfits by : DreamersRebels
Bag: Poppy Lissiman
Berets: Frances Island
Eyewear: Pared Au 
Hair Clips: MLE x ME

I love twining with Ryder so much. I loved this location and our matching baby blue outfits by DreamersRebels. Our matching cloud berets are by Frances Island. If you design and make mommy and me clothes please reach out to me, we would love to shoot them. Even if you just design and make kids clothes, Ryder would love to model them. We have the best time. We shoot about once a week, sometimes once every 2 weeks, depends on how Ryder feels. If she isn't feeling it we never ever push it. We always want her to have fun and be in the moment. If she is every annoyed we move on, all good. We mainly have a good time. She is so cute. 
PS I am starting a youtube channel soonish.