A girl with her bow backpack

Pics by Jessi Gray

Dress: Alice McCall
Boots: Katy Perry 

This dress by Alice McCall is the ultimate dress, especially styled with my baby blue Katy Perry boots and bow backpack. Check out my IG for more tags and info @afashionnerd

I think I am close to retiring A Fashion Nerd and moving onto more designing and more mommy and me style images. I love dressing up with Ryder and shooting and especially more higher end shoots, more Wes Anderson style photography. I know people want more real scenarios but I love aesthetically pleasing shots and videos.  I feel way more excited to edit bad ass photos of me and Ryder then editing ones of just myself. Lately I have been more focused on shooting by myself. Ryder stands there and watches and sometimes even helps Jessi or Jen take the photo. She is too cute and is learning so fast. One of these blogs may be my last, we shall see...