Vegan Von D Shoes


Shoes: Von D and they're Vegan too!
Dress: Vintage 60s
Belt: Thrifted and it's vegan
Backpack: Vegan by me x House of Want
Sunnies: Oliver Goldsmith

Pics by Jenna Fields Circusofcakes

     Going out and capturing the beauty of the world around us is always a fun and exhilarating experience, but it's even better when the location itself is so incredibly inspiring. I recently had the pleasure of visiting the city hall in Beverly Hills again. The vintage 60s look is just so cute and fun, I couldn't resist taking a ton of photos.

The architecture is simply amazing, with intricate details and a retro feel that just transports you back in time. It's incredible to think about all the history that has taken place within these walls, and I feel so grateful to be able to capture a piece of it through my lens.

Lately, I've been feeling so inspired and I've found myself moving more into design. It's amazing how architecture can be such a huge source of inspiration and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to explore this beautiful building.

I can't wait to see what other hidden gems this city holds, and I'm eager to keep exploring and capturing the beauty of the world around me. Thank you, Beverly Hills city hall, for such a memorable and inspiring experience and thank you to Kat Von D for creating these gorgeous vegan shoes. I love how i styled them around all my vegan items even the vegan backpack I designed a while back. Jenna really captured some amazing images.