It's the hat for us

Dresses: Nooworks
Hats: The Senualists
My Shoes: By me x Butrich
Pics by Jessi Gray

     I recently had a photoshoot with my daughter Ryder Bird, and it was a truly special moment for us both. We decided to wear matching printed dresses from Nooworks, and we topped off our outfits with fun, furry handmade hats from The Sensualist. 

     We felt like a team, and it was so cute how Ryder posed like me - she's so intelligent and a natural in front of the camera.

      As we twirled and posed together, the energy between us was electric. It was heartwarming to witness the bond we share, and how we complement each other. 

     The bold and vibrant prints on our dresses added a playful element to the shoot, and the furry hats were the perfect complement to our outfits.

     Ryder was such a natural in front of the camera, showcasing a keen eye for posing and a natural confidence that shone through in every shot. We had so much fun together, and it was a perfect celebration of our mother-daughter bond.

       Overall, this photoshoot was a magical moment for us both. We loved coordinating our outfits and taking on the world as a team. It was a reminder of the special bond we share, and how much joy there is in capturing those moments together.