You have a perfect house

Dress: Sister Jane
Shoes and bag by me x Butrich

Pics: Jessi Gray

      There are those rare moments when a captivating garage door or house catches my eye, compelling me to stop in my tracks and capture its allure. Such an instance occurred recently when Jessi and I embarked on an impromptu escapade. It was a delightful coincidence, and we found ourselves in front of an unexpectedly picturesque scene.

As we stood there, taking in the surroundings, I couldn't help but notice how my Sister Jane's pastel striped sequin dress perfectly complemented the vibrant green hue of the retro garage door. The colors harmonized effortlessly, creating a visually captivating juxtaposition. The soft pastels against the vintage-inspired backdrop were a feast for the eyes.

    But it wasn't just the dress that caught my attention. I felt a surge of pride as I glanced down at my shoes and bag, knowing that I had personally designed them to match my ensemble.

     The impromptu photo session became a celebration of artistic expression, as we reveled in the harmonious combination of colors and textures. It was a testament to the power of fashion and design in bringing out the beauty of unexpected moments. The encounter with the green retro garage door, along with our carefully curated outfits and accessories, transformed into a truly serendipitous and visually captivating memory.