Pastel Paradise


Pics: Jessi Gray

Nespresso event
Sant Monica

Dress: Sister Jane
Boots : by me x Butrich
Bag: by me x Butrich

      The other day marked a memory-filled chapter in my life, one that seamlessly blended unique experiences, fashion expressions, and the simple joy of sipping coffee. Santa Monica served as the backdrop for an extraordinary Nespresso event, where mini cafes found their home in the ferris wheel carts, promising an enchanting journey above the ground with a cup of my favorite brew in hand.

     With my dear friend Jessi by my side, we embarked on this whimsical escapade, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee amidst the laughter and excitement. As I gazed out of the ferris wheel cart, the view of Santa Monica's bustling promenade took on a new enchantment, thanks to the delightful companionship of a Nespresso coffee.

This event became the highlight of my birthday week, a celebration of life that was nothing short of extraordinary. The surreal blend of caffeine and the view from above was a treat for the senses, making each sip a memory etched in time. What better way to commemorate the passing of another year than by elevating life's simple pleasures to new heights?

    Adding to the enchantment was my newfound blonde hair, a vibrant transformation that painted my world in pastel hues. The mirror reflected not just a new look, but a renewed sense of self, resonating with the colors of the day. The pink dress I wore by Sister Jane was nothing short of a hit, channeling my inner Barbie in a way that made the day feel even more like a fairytale.

     My accessories were the cherries on top of this delightful ensemble. The bag and boots, designed by none other than me in collaboration with Butrich, embodied a fusion of creativity and style. The vibrant hues and unique designs perfectly complemented the carnival-like atmosphere of the event.

    A special mention goes to the star of the show – the mini Nespresso machines. Compact and captivating, they found their way onto the ferris wheel carts, turning a simple ride into an experience that blended sophistication and fun. It was as if the coffee itself was riding along, a testament to how Nespresso continually redefines the art of enjoying coffee.

     As I looked around, sipping my coffee in a mini cafe on a ferris wheel, I couldn't help but marvel at how life's seemingly disparate elements had converged to create this extraordinary moment. It was a celebration of life, love, and the beauty that lies in embracing the unexpected.

    The day left me with a heart full of gratitude, a taste for life's simple pleasures, and the vibrant colors of pastel memories. Santa Monica, with its energy, the company of friends, and the thrill of a ferris wheel ride, transformed my birthday week into a beautiful chapter that I'll forever cherish.

    In the end, life is a blend of these precious moments – from the breathtaking views of a ferris wheel to the sip of a perfect coffee. This birthday week encapsulated the essence of joy, friendship, and adventure, a medley of experiences that continue to shape my journey. And as I sipped coffee amidst the California sun, I realized that these moments, captured in vibrant pastels, are the true colors of life itself.