Pics by Jessi Gray
 Mural in Glendora by Mary Beeme
Earrings by Sarah Stieber 

..    The news is in - we're expecting a baby! Due in April, and it's a dream come true. I've been manifesting this for years, and we're blessed to be welcoming an Aries boy. I'm three months pregnant, and the journey to this point is quite remarkable. Early on, I sensed I was pregnant, and even Ryder had an intuition and predicted it. She could feel it and knew it was a boy. Signs seemed to surround me, like butterflies landing on me incessantly - a significant clue. The cat showed affection towards my belly, just like with my first pregnancy, and even the dog had unusual behaviors.

I kept this exciting news under wraps for months, ensuring the baby's health before sharing it with everyone. It hasn't been easy to keep this secret, but the time has finally come to share this incredible experience with you all. This pregnancy has been quite a journey, and I'll be sharing more details soon!

A heartfelt thank you to for capturing these moments against my all-time favorite mural by @marybeeme, and to @stefannysnow for the fantastic haircut just before the shoot! Sending love to you all. ❤️👶🌟