The Balloon Venture


Balloon dress by Molly Balloons

Pics Jessi Gray

     When you think of fashion, balloons might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But let me tell you, I recently had the most incredible experience that blended the worlds of fashion, art, and pure fun. It involved a vibrant yellow balloon dress, a playful hat, and a studio filled with color and creativity. All thanks to the one and only Molly Balloons.

Meeting Molly Balloons

If you're not already familiar with her work, Molly Balloons is a balloon artist extraordinaire. She's known for transforming ordinary balloons into extraordinary works of art. So when I had the chance to collaborate with her, I couldn't wait to see what she'd come up with. I met her online way before 2018 and we remained friends and we always talked about a fun shoot we could do together. I am so happy we finally made this happen!!! It was such a fast turn around she made this dress in 1 day!

The Yellow Balloon Dress

Molly's creation for our shoot was a showstopper—a full-blown yellow balloon dress. And I mean "full-blown" quite literally because it took hundreds of balloons to create. The dress was playful, whimsical, and absolutely stunning. It flowed like a traditional gown but with the added fun of being made entirely of balloons.

The Facening

Now, here's the thing about wearing a balloon dress—it's not your typical slip-and-go outfit. Molly had to literally "facen" the dress onto me. It was a process that involved precision and patience. With each balloon meticulously placed, the dress began to take shape. And let me tell you, watching Molly work was like witnessing a true artist at the peak of her craft.

A Studio Bursting with Color

To complement our vibrant attire, we chose a studio that was bursting with color. The space was a playground of creativity, with every corner offering a new visual delight. It was the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot that celebrated artistry, fashion, and the sheer joy of being playful.

Jessi Gray and Ryder Bird Join the Fun

Of course, I wasn't alone in this adventure. My dear friend Jessi Gray was right there with me and shot the entire thing video and all. As if things couldn't get any more fun, my toddler, Ryder Bird, decided to jump in for some pictures. Her infectious laughter and boundless energy added a whole new layer of joy to the day.

The Magic of Molly Balloons

In the hands of Molly Balloons, balloons ceased to be mere party decorations. They became a medium for self-expression, art, and even high fashion. It's a reminder that creativity knows no bounds, and it's all around us if we're willing to let our imaginations take flight.

      This collaboration with Molly Balloons was not just about wearing a balloon dress; it was about celebrating the beauty of art, embracing the unexpected, and having fun while doing it. Molly's incredible talent and the magic she weaves with balloons are a testament to the boundless possibilities of creative expression. And I can't wait to see what colorful adventures await us next. 

      xoxo Amy