Dear Creatures

Sneak peak of my up coming video blog featuring DEAR CREATURES!!!! I have been a fan of this brand since day 1. I will be shooting it and directing it this weekend. I am so excited to move my blogging into video blogging. I was doing this a while ago with The Fashion Nerd and Mod Dolls. If theres one thing I've learned in life is KEEP GOING AND NEVER QUIT. I have had so many blogs and video blogs and youtube accounts its insane. If I just stuck to one I would probably be a HUGE blogger by now. Sad but true. I am climbing the ladder now and having a great time. I will never ever quit. So many amazing positive things are coming my way regarding the fashion world. Blogging, Designing...
Skirt: Dear Creatures
Shirt and hat: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Vintage and FOR SALE .. Email me if interested
Fork Necklace: A Tiny Touch
Dress: Dear Creatures
Beret: American Apparel
Shoes: TopShop