A Love Picnic

Yesterday for Valentines Day my wonderful amazing boyfriend gave me the most amazing gifts anyone has ever given me. He drew me and him riding my dog Bon Bon. The funnest part about the drawing is that when he gave it to me I was wearing the exact same outfit, even the same boots. He was also wearing the exact same outfit as well. This drawing is INCREDIBLE! I felt so loved and so happy. He also gave me $100 gift card to Victoria Secrets because I cry about not having anymore bras. He is so thoughtful. On top of these amazing gifts we went on a little hike in the hills and had ourselves a picnic with wine!
I am wearing my newest dress from Forever21. I love this dress so much. I am also wearing my favorite knee high socks with cat faces on them, available soon at Pylo.com.
Dress: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Sunglassspot
Knee High Socks: Pylo.com COMING SOON
Boots: Kenneth Cole Chart Topper boots
BackPack: PLanet BLUE
Barbie Ring: JennyandJimbob.com
Rings: Forever21

This is the drawing Ben made for me. <3