Dark Messages

Shoes: KorkEase
Dress: En Creme
Jewelry: ShoptheSilverFox 
Bag: Target Style
Eyeglasses: Coastal
I love these KorkEase heels more than anything ever. The second I got them I was immediately in love. The style is so 60s and they are so unbelievably comfortable. I've worn these 2 days in a row and I am in love. My eyeglasses are from Coastal and I love them. I even wore these ones in my main headshot for commercials. Coastal has the best eyeglasses ever. This dress by En Creme is so incredible, it reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom. Anything overalls related is my favorite. I am obsessed with overalls and this dress and the embroidery is amazing. This whole outfit embodies my style and fits me to a T.