I drove out to this location by myself and did this shoot. I absolutely love these boots by Fortress of Inca. My boyfriend told me those were his favorite pair of shoes I own, and for the record I own A LOT of amazing shoes! These are pretty amazing and stylish. Handmade in Peru, Fortress of Inca channels a free-spirited and vibrant lifestyle, while bringing the finest quality leather and woven Peruvian textiles (locally known as ‘mantas’) to each pair of shoes. Each collection features traditional, eye-catching patterns and designs that boast originality, bold colors, and intricate detailing. The line brings a unique, high-end look to the contemporary market, while staying true to its Peruvian roots.
Fringe Jacket: ASOS
Top: For Elyse
Rings: Handmade by me and Ben at Jenny and Jimbob