I just left today for a road trip up north. I need to help my family with some stuff so I drove up by myself. On my way up I did a blog shoot. I am wearing my new Articles of Society high waisted jeans. I love anything and everything high waisted. I also love how these say A on the butt, for obvious reasons. I am wearing a heart elbow sweater from ASOS and my newest En Creme collared crop top available at soon. I also just got this incredible bracelet from The Silver Fox
The trip is fun so far. Right when I arrived on the farm I cleaned all the horse stalls. Brings back memories, I used to clean horse stalls every single day when I was younger. Also on my drive up I created my very own clothing line. I am overly excited about this and can't wait to start. I will be designing this for myself only and if people respond positively I may branch out. I give myself 5 months to finish this line.
Jeans: Articles of Society
Top: En Creme at soon
Sweater: ASOS
Boots: Kenneth Cole. Sold out ..
Hat: Indiana Jones
Bracelet: The Silver Fox