Telephone me

Helping my family out on the farm this weekend. Took  these shots in the backyard here. I love this coat and swimsuit by Family Affairs! So So So unique and so cute. Over the weekend I have come to the conclusion I will be designing my very own clothing line for myself.. If anyone likes it I will start selling it. I will start out making everything for myself. I want to start wearing my very own designs. I am so excited about this and very excited about my secret project launching soon. A lot of stuff is happening shortly. ALSO stay tuned and tune in on Tuesday to SYFY to watch the new Jim Henson creature shop challenge starring my boyfriend Ben Bayouth!
Coat: Family Affairs
Bikini: Telephone bikini Family Affairs
Hat: Forever 21
Ring: Designed and made by Ben Bayouth for Jenny and Jimbob
Bracelet: The Silver Fox
Socks: Urban Outfitters knee high button socks
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell