A woman is a woman

Hat: Vintage
Backpack: Vintage
Blouse: Vintage
Skirt: Forever21 and only $11
Socks: American Apparel

Photos by Richard Sheehan

This look is seriously one of my all time favorite looks EVER. I put together this outfit at random and wasn't even going to shoot it. THANK GOD I did. I love these shots. Richard really made them feel like real film, super vintage like. I am really loving my darker hair lately, much better than my red orange hair that was washing me out. I have super light pale skin so I've always loved my hair dark black, especially with red lips. I got this backpack and hat from one of my favorite thrift stores ever, I try to visit there at least once a week, it's a gold mine and my biggest kept secret. Thrift stores are so picked over here in Los Angeles but this one is by far the most incredible one ever. I found my Dolce Vita heels there for $10. My friend found a mens leather jacket for $14 worth $1000 by a huge name designer. Well back to work work work work on my App. Remember launch is at the end of this month but get onto the web app and try it out in the mean time----> FashionTap
Love you all so much. Stay happy and stay positive.