New Slang, New Outlook

Sunglasses: SunScape Eyewear
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by Lorie Wheeler

I love these shots by Lorie Wheeler, taken near her house the other day. I cannot believe how close she lives to this amazing trail. If I lived walking distance to a trail like this I would be hiking up it every single day. She literally lives across the street from it. I have been working on my app 24/7 getting ready for the launch at the end of this month. Once we launch we will be doing testing sessions and I will be doing a ton of promotion and marketing things. I have a lot on my plate and it is all very exciting. I am currently making some fun youtube videos explaining what I am up to, go to and search FashionTap App Amy Roiland and watch some. It will explain how it works and what it's about. I want to help out the unknown indie designers. Once we have a ton of users I want to feature indie designers on our popular page for the world to see. I also want to feature bloggers that are up and coming and boutiques in your area. You will be able to search for boutiques or vintage stores in whatever city you are in. Remember I am building a fashion social network to help out every single person in the fashion industry.