Bucket Feet!

Shoes: BucketFeet designed by Artist Meryl Rose Phillips in Oakland CA. 

I love these shoes designed by artist Merly Rose Phillips for BucketFeet. BucketFeet supports artists around the world letting them create their very own shoes designs. Check them out today and support their movement. More information on BucketFeet below!!

Bucketfeet was born in 2011 after a chance meeting discussing hand-drawn shoes in Argentina between two strangers exploring the world.
Today, Bucketfeet exists to celebrate self-expression and connect people through art. Painters, graffiti artists, writers, illustrators, tattoists and many more original creators are part of the movement. The BucketFeet Artist Network consists of 2000+ artists in more than 35 countries.
Every pair is manufactured with premium canvas and massage bubble insoles for ultimately quality and comfort. BucketFeet shoes are made to stand out, inspire conversations and create new connections. We believe art is for everyone, and that includes you.