Hammock Sanity and MY NEW TATTOO!

Sunglasses: WildFox Couture

Sorry I haven't been blogging in a few days. I have been in another world lately. I got my very first tattoo a few days ago. I got a small button on my wrist. A couple days before I got it I found a small button in my friends backyard and took those shots above. I felt like it was a sign for me to go and do it. I took the button into our friend Christopher Velasquez , tattoo artist and owner of Hidden Los Angeles Tattoo parlor in Woodland Hills. He tattooed the exact same size as the button I had found on my wrist. He made it look 3d and super real. I love and adore it and I feel like it really represents me and what I love most, the fashion world. My app Icon for FashionTap is a button as well. A button really holds everything together. My network will be holding everyone in the fashion world in one place. I will be posting more blogs soon!