Fashion Blogger Night in SF / SF Fashion Week 2014/ Thur-Sat

 This is @technicallysweet with her google glasses.

Fashion Bloggers Connect in San Francisco was apart of SF Fashion Week 2014. Such a fun amazing time, I felt so blessed to be apart of this Q and A Blogger Panel.  Here is a link to everyone who spoke and their amazing blogs FASHION BLOGGERS CONNECT 2014

I had my friend film some of the Q and A but I don't think he knew how and most of the clips are cut off and won't work... sorry guys.. More Q and As will come or maybe I will do my own Q and A for my blog soon and about my app. The one question I was asked was about the trends and do I follow them.. My answer was no, I don't follow trends at all.. I love doing my own thing and expressing fashion in my own way. I love wearing knee high socks and eyeglasses and wearing collared tops. Sometimes I even love to wear a dress with cowboy boots... I don't care about trends but sometimes  I have to incorporate the trends in my blog because of what designers send me.

Fashion Week Friday Night

My outfit for Friday

Four amazing brands show cased their designs on this night.
The first designer was Lisa Oliveras,

Lisa Oliveras collection was gorgeous, very simple and classic. I loved the lace details she added to some of the garments.

The next line was California Crown

The third designer was Jeaneen Brunck,

 I love love love love this entire collection, the colors, the shapes, the details. This collection was beautiful and very inspiring for me.

The fourth designer was Yia'Re Couture by Aryea Kolubah

The collection was all white and I adored all of it. I especially loved the big white skirt with the white crop top. This collection was very etherial.

SF Fashion Week Saturday

My outfit

First designer Saturday

The Me-Nimal by Mike Seneriches

The Second Designer was Masion Michelange

I love the use of furs in this collection and I adore the dark colors a lot. This collection reminded me a lot of Alexander Wang but with a unique twist.

Third Designer Shock Feathers by Mila Hagen

and the last designer of the night Brigid Ko

These designs are incredible because they are all made from recycled rubber inner tubes and different recycled material. I loved her entire collection and her style a lot. I really want to wear some of this stuff to burning man next year for sure. 

SF Fashion week was a lot of fun, I can't wait to go back! I loved my entire experience and I really loved everyone there. San Francisco is my favorite city ever. 


I love these two A LOT... I am so so so happy I met them. On the left RAFAEL CANO  of  MR. RENNAISANCE blog and next to him KELLY HUIBREGTSE of A SIDE OF SWEET blog.