Nothin' but sweetness

 The wonderful VP of marketing of Lolli and Pops, Bear, showed me around this amazing candy shop yesterday.

 I picked out a cute jar with a handle and filled it up with every single candy throughout the entire store. I immediately felt like a kid again.
 This candy store has 8 rooms and most of them have that vintage feel to them. The one below is the international candy room with all kinds of candy from different countries. My favorite candy is from Japan!! It was such a dream to see all of these unique hard to find candies in one spot.
 I want to decorate a room in my future house with tons of vintage suit cases.
 I just kept eating and eating and eating.... This is the Library room with all of the speciality chocolates!!! I love love love love the chocolate liquor cordials. I used to get these as a kid in Columbia, northern California. Eating these brought me right back to being a child again, an alcoholic child. LOL.

 Bear suggested the Peanut Butter and Jelly soda and WOWZA, its incredible and tastes exactly like the sandwich, bread and all.

 This milk chocolate truffle mouse was the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on. I love LOVE this SO MUCH!!!!!! I felt bad eating it though, it was so beautiful.
 These are the Mariebelle signature Ganache collection chocolates. I love the art on every single one, so unique, so gorgeous.
 I was lucky enough to try the special Lolli and Pops ice cream sundae! This has strawberry whip cream on the top and a chocolate bar inside with chocolate drizzled over the top. I shared this one with my best friend Krocky. You all must get over to Lolli and Pops today and try one of their amazing sundaes.

 Look who I met while exploring Lolli and Pops!! It's Melissa Peterman from the TV show Reba!!!! She was such a sweety, such a pleasure to meet her!!
 Candy with bugs?!?!?! Just in time for Halloween!!

 This candy necklace is sold at Lolli and Pops and it really made my outfit complete!

 Bracelets: Forever 21
 Shoes: Topshop
 Bag: Vintage
 Top: Dear Creatures

Here is my collection of treats from Lolli and Pops!! I especially loved the Beer flavored Jelly Belly's.  I also LOVE my baggy of chocolate covered pretzels.

You guys have to go to Lolli and Pops ASAP!!!!! This candy store is absolutely incredible, hands down the best candy store I have ever been to. They even have vegan gummies!!! They also carry candy from all around the world, stuff you can't ever find here. I love the room where they have all the candy from your childhood!! Dreams do come true you guys, not kidding. Get over there as soon as you can and check this place out. I can't wait to go back and take all of my friends there.