5 Preview Part 2

Sweater: 5Preview
Dress: 5Preview
Bag: 5Preview

This is my second half of the shoot I did with photographer Lorie Wheeler and makeup and hair by Marissa Cydya. I love how these turned out. They are not my style or what I normally blog but I like going off the beaten path at times. I love looking a bit different and I felt like these were really 90s. The last set were very 60s and 80s. I love to play with style and different looks. I feel like a lot of girls stick to one look, which is awesome, but I love doing all kinds of things. 5 Preview makes the most amazing clothes! I love this silk printed white dress a lot, it's ultra soft and stylish. 
My App FashionTap is about to launch soon. We are prepping everything this week, I will make a video showing everyone what we are all about and how to use it. This app is seriously such an amazing tool for the fashion world. I am beyond excited to help everyone out with it.