The girl that Loves

Crop Turtle Neck: The girl that Loves
Boots: Modern Vice
Jacket: Bank Fashion

I love my new crop turtle neck top with the heart cut out by The Girl That Loves. You guys must check this site out, they sell the most unique clothes ever. I always get lost in this website and I love everything!! My green jacket is by Bank Fashion and I've never owned anything like it before. I love it!! FashionTap is about to launch so I am knee deep in work... I have so much to do. I think everyone will really love this app and what it will do for them. We give 100% commission to the people who use it and tag their clothes! When you tag your stuff, which takes literally seconds to do, people come along and click and buy and you get the full percentage of that sale. We take NO cuts at all from you. I created this app to help everyone in the fashion industry connect on one social platform.