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High Waisted Bells: Gypsy Warrior

I am obsessed with these high waisted bells by Gypsy Warrior! I have to admit I have been wearing these for 3 days straight, I can't seem to take them off of my body. I LOVE THEM!

I took all of these photos by myself using my SonyA7 and my iPhone as a clicker. I have a video coming out soon showing how I did this. I have been taking my photos by myself for the past 2 years. I love doing my own photos and not relying on anyone else to help me. This is good for those of you starting a blog out, once you get the blog going I do suggest you get friends to take your photos for you when they can. To keep you up to speed you have to be able to do your own shots to keep current. I've worked with far too many photographers who take WAY too long to get me my photos. It can be such a hassle waiting on people, it can also hurt you in the end. I work with Forever 21 and there turn around is FAST, you have to get those shot and up the same day because most everything sells out within 1-2 days.
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